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CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER TRIGGER1 INSTEAD OF INSERT OR UPDATE OR DELETE ON PO_COSTED_BOM_V BEGIN UPDATE SRC_TBL SET CFG_VALUE = : NEW. CFG_NAME; IF SQL%NOTFOUND THEN INSERT INTO SRC_TBL (CFG_NAME, CFG_VALUE) VALUES(: NEW. CFG_VALUE); END IF; END; Detecting the DML Operation that Fired a Trigger If more than one type of DML operation can fire a trigger (for example, ON INSERT OR DELETE OR UPDATE OF emp), the trigger body can use the conditional predicates INSERTING, DELETING, and UPDATING to check which type of statement fire the trigger.

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Meer informatie over de werkwijze vindt u op de website van Elite Dating kent twee betaalde abonnementsvormen, het Premium PLUS lidmaatschap en het Premium LIGHT abonnement.

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Discovering Adoration through youth group in high school led me from simply reciting rote prayers to having a conversational relationship with Christ.

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At the same time, men from many different countries find it more and more difficult to find a life partner, in their own country, who still believe in the traditional family values.

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Aunque por otro lado él sabe que, en el fondo, se pone muy burro cuando la ve fumar, y es entonces cuando le entran ganas de follársela, y después se enfada y la castiga por encenderse uno detrás de otro.

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The survey was conducted from early September through the election, so it captures periods in which Clinton had both smaller and larger leads.

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