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For those that need more than encouragement, we have restraints in our toilets for forced golden showers and a water box and shackles for people to be tickled until they pee.

We have different watersports zones and paddling pools to play in.

Their sex life was excellent, in fact after seven years Bill still gave her the best orgasms.

Wendy classified them as mind numbing, earth shattering, seeing stars in her eyes, well practically black out climaxes. He just had that one thing, that cleanliness thing that he was such a stickler about.

That night Bill immediately noticed the dirty things in his dresser, he just had a nose for it. Instead she found him by his dresser glaring at her.

He quickly explained the problem and Wendy apologized over and over. “Wendy, I’m afraid that it’s time you learned a lesson about cleanliness.

We believe that continuing with this event, knowing that it will be bottom heavy will be unfair to our customers and we would prefer to cancel rather than take your money and hold a sub standard event.

She had been distracted while talking away rather and than washing a load of Bill’s underclothes, she neatly folded them and put them back in the basket. At once she came running in a panic thinking he was hurt.

This actually suited Wendy’s view of the world too.

It’s just that she was a little more forgiving than Bill was when everyday life got too hectic to be perfect.

However, we only hold quality events and like to maintain standards that are value for money and worth the travelling that many people undertake to attend our events.

We have had last minute cancellations for this event due to unforeseeable circumstances which means that the top/bottom ratio is now skewed.

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