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The city and suburbs hold about 1,200 churches, roughly two-thirds of which can be classified as staunchly within the most conservative strains of American religion (Baptist, Church of Christ and various strains of independent fundamentalist or Pentecostal practice).

On the surface, the two sides of Dallas seem to get along remarkably well.(A 1980 national survey put the number of actively involved church-goers in Dallas County as just under 50 percent-41 percent Protestant, 8.4 percent Catholic and 0.5 percent Jewish.But this significantly underrepresents the active Protestant population because the survey omitted independent and nondenominational churches.) And there is no doubt that Christianity of a conservative stripe gives Dallas much of its particular civic flavor and color, just as New York has its Jewish flavor and New Orleans (white New Orleans, at least) its Catholic flavor.He was preparing for the ministry, thinking perhaps of foreign mission work.It seemed incongruous that this young man, who might be spending most of his life preaching the gospel in a jungle somewhere, was spending well over 0 on a dinner date in the glossiest restaurant in Dallas.

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