Intimidatingly attractive

So, after giving the members an intense crash course in social engineering, I divided them into small groups and gave them a set of seemingly impossible missions to accomplish in a single night. Charm Mission: Approach someone who’s intimidatingly attractive. Part 2) If you’re not in a committed relationship, get this person’s phone number. Persuade Mission: Convince someone to buy free drinks or food for you and your group. The woman handed him her wedding ring and trusted him with it until the next morning!Another member was given a watch worth over ,000.pixie cuts and glittery eyeliner work oddly well on them. I am standing in line at my favorite cafe, surrounded by smells and sounds.

And just remember to always treat people with the respect that you’d want to be treated with.But I’ve got nothing, no words—my mouth, a swordless sheath.I pull out my wallet to pay, peeling a few singles from my thin stack.Their postures autocorrect under the high ceilings; the average height of each patron seems to increase at least half an inch as they stand in line, bathed in natural light and coffee aroma.Jerod makes the best Americanos in Montana—the serious that he doesn’t know how to have fun.

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