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However, we have been living in Virtual World spaces since a long time. If you have ever been a user of Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram you are part of these universally fragmented virtual worlds.These are like Smaller Galaxies in your Milky way which have parallel universes and parallel lives.This was not just a new world, it was a Dream World that everyone could build and exist in.During this developmental stage, there were several startups like Second Life (mostly focused on capturing attention of people in virtual worlds), IMVU got started trying to warp our reality and perspective of real world.By wearing a cumbersome helmet or HMD (Head Mounted Display) with a joystick, you could be teleported into a virtual world where you could play games with dinosaurs and zombies.This nascent technology started to capture the imaginations of writers, film makers and gave birth to movies like The Matrix Trilogy which seemed to twist or warp our concept of understanding the world around us and how to manipulate this. It is like democratizing the power to every individual on the planet with unlimited resources."For this reason, significant numbers of people will likely come to use robots as their primary mode of sexual experience.

Another company in London has started selling Samantha, a high-tech sex dolls who likes to be "seduced" - and could soon be mass produced in Wales.

High-tech sex dolls with realistic silicone skin and the ability to flirt and even simulate orgasms have become increasingly available.

Psychotherapists should be prepared for more clients "participating in digisexualities", says a report by ethics researchers Neil Mc Arthur and Markie Twist of the University of Manitoba.

The virtual worlds of Twitter and Facebook have transported us into these universes where we express our thoughts to global audience.

Internet gives a power to truly democratize power of Kings and Rulers of nation.

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  1. Most of the information presented below was obtained from the World Wide Web and is therefore incomplete, and many conferences have undoubtedly been omitted altogether.