Crm updating time zone information

Now if a different user with timezone set to US (EST) logs in they would see the same time as “6/29/2015 3. PM”.This is because the date is stored in UTC and depending on the user’s timezone, the time is converted and displayed.However, since the change has not been made to the existing records for this field in the database, they are still stored in the original UTC format along with the time.

And in the database this field has been stored without the time component i.e setting the time as AM.

Existing Record Again retrieve the value of the previous record and you would still see the same date/time value returned “6/29/2015 AM”.

When the record was originally created the date entered by 6/30/2015 and I would have expected it to show up as 6/30/2015 without the date part.

By default, the date and time values are stored as User Local behavior as described later in this topic.

Specify the behavior of a date and time attribute Specify format of the date and time attribute Date and time query operators not supported for Date Only behavior Change the behavior of a date and time attribute Convert behavior of existing date and time values in the database If you do not specify the behavior while creating a date and time attribute, the attribute is created with the User Local behavior by default.

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