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We have secured a special .99 of free credits for anyone who signs up.I'm Live probably features more American cam hosts among its nearly 40,000 performers than any other cam site.But it's really variety which has made it so successful.You can find stunning straight, lesbian, asian, mature and shemale performers all online at the same time. I have been coming here for a few months but I have met some really rad people!It enables me to meet new and unique people, like me and a chance to make some more friends. They're like my 2nd home :]I think teen chat is just an awesome place to hang out chat and meet new people. Its great here you can meet any kind of person on here punks, skaters, singles anything..type of person you want to talk with you will find on here..age they are here its a great place! This site is soo incredibly awesome i mean i thought i saw the best but obviously teen chat has blown me away.I have recommended this site to a couple of my close friends and they have said they loved it. I've been coming for almost a year now, and I've gotten several friends from the experience. It lets me use my creative ideas and lets me express myself in ways I wouldn't normally, I especially love how I can put in parts of my book and see what other people think of it, all i gotta say is, Teen Chat rocks, owwwww!!!! You Meet So Many New People, And It's Interesting To Talk To People From Other Countries. I've been here for close to seven years now and have met and lost quite a few friends.

It's so easy to spend hours just talking to all the awesome people here.

I've always had several relationships, including the one I'm in now. I Only Started Today, But I'm Like Fully Addicted!

If you ever want to reach me, I'll be in the roleplay section, usually in the top room. And remember; Teenchat=love I've been coming here on and off for about three years.

Feel free to join the community and upload your goodies.

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