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Some of the symptoms may include, but do not limit to: blocking out the world when reading Harry Potter, reading Harry Potter over and over again and noticing new fantastic things each time, wishing Hogwarts was real, thinking that at least one character from Harry Potter is hot, comparing everything to Harry Potter or quotes by the characters there in and making your own fantasy life about Harry Potter.If you think you have this disease copy this onto your profile. Support this disease in its uprise to overpower the brains of people and make their lives so much better...:“I have a real issue with anyone trying to protect children from their own imaginations.I think what I'll be doing is reposting DR over the original!! I've got half of the re-write posted over the original, so feel free to check it out! Its finally finished, its up, posted and ready to go, so if you're interested please check it out!Jess*I would like to say that I do not mind criticism of my stories, everyone has their own opinion which is fine, hell I've given my fair share, but what I cannot stand is people coming on and reading my stories when they don't even like the original HP/Twilight and criticizing my stories.

But that didn’t matter because he 17 and so their relationship was ok.To put it in to perspective; Stephanie Mayer released a highly successful book series called The Twilight Saga and the main plot line surrounded Bella Swan and her boyfriend-come-husband, Edward, and their fight to be together.The books were a massive hit, becoming a huge franchise with films, memorabilia and other such things with a message that love conquers all. Check out my Tumblr - Or you could just PM :)Hey guys, if you like my work, and I know at least some of you do, please please please check out my friends profile, it has some AWESOME LV/HP fics!https:// I am English so you may find some of my spelling different because we in the UK like to do things our way XDI know that I have some grammar and spelling issues in my stories, but if you could over look them I do try my best and I am looking to review all my stories to comb through them for mistakes.

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