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It is the subsequent creation of other files that is not happening. Would require a bunch of changes to core/includes/It seemed like possibly an easy fix when I rolled the patch, but ya..

Just the presence of the web.config without any settings seems to cause the problem. We'd want this rolled out just like the .htaccess files. Here's a patch to modify to write web.config is the server is running IIS, and .htaccess otherwise.

Unfortunately this operation is not possible with synchronized folders, the files being added as regular files.

As a workaround you could update the installed XML file.

Now if there a change in the config file it won't get picked up automatically forcing me to manually enter the changes in the xml editor.

Is there a way to synchronize the imported xml file to local copy so that any changes gets picked up automatically.

Please do not turn this into another game of issue-status-ping-pong.

I have done read 'How to import and edit an XML file' ... Your manual suggested to import the config file and edit the xml. This approach generally works, but it is no longer synchronized with my local version of the config files.

This is focused strictly on IIS users and after almost a year none of them have cared enough to provide work.

There's no need to screw up core critical thresholds b/c of a webserver that is only partially supported now.

Note that basically nobody uses the "security" tag while "security improvements" is used.

I've left security on, but please don't remove "Security improvements."This is indeed the place to work on a web.config file.

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