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These tips won’t help if you’re in immediate danger from a stalker.Read More You’re all aware of, and on the lookout for, the dreaded guy who drinks too much.This means no angry or tearful texting, no stalking his house or workplace, waiting to see what he’s up to and whether or not he’s as miserable as you!By the time you take the steps I outline to get your ex back, he’ll be You’ve probably had great luck finding men, but have you had great luck finding a great man?He focuses on women and how they can become a woman men want to date. He told me some of the things as said in the book, and but I didn’t quite comprehend at that time.I have already put into action things in this book with great results. I made so many mistakes that the author pointed out in the book.I’ve worked with many women to help them accomplish this and I’ve got the steps right behind this button for you!

I can teach you where the great guys hang out and what they’re looking for in a great woman so you can be that woman! One of the biggest keys in getting your ex back, finding a great guy and keeping a great guy is building yourself.–Amanda I rarely write reviews and I don’t have time to write this, but man, this guy made me understand my boyfriend so much better. And understanding the behaviour of guys for YOUR benefit. –Patty Perhaps the most perplexing dating dilemma for women is how to get their ex back.Your girlfriends and your gut are telling you to chase after him but that’s female advice – and it won’t work! I teach women how to get their ex’s back indirectly.And the most pressing question of all: when I get drunk…is he judging me? Gregg takes you inside the secret world of men and the way their minds work.The information and the tools he gives you will change your dating life – if you do them.

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I write to help There’s nothing worse than being used by a man.

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