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In the world of online intimacy, how do humans and machines overlap? You can probably look it up again in one of these eight volumes of alphabetised personal passwords.

How can we know to whom we’re giving our data – and maybe our deepest secrets – in a realm as diffuse and intangible as the internet? Artist Aram Bartholl compiled the 4.6 million passwords that were leaked in the hack of the professional networking site Linked In in 2012. When we create a personal profile online and safeguard it with what we believe is our unique password, even those private passwords are vulnerable to breaches, and may expose parts of our digital selves that we thought were safe.

This interactive exhibit gives you the chance to help make the algorithm even better. Can the computer tell if you’re thinking about shopping or death?

Millions of users looking to have extramarital affairs had their data exposed when the infidelity website Ashley Madison was hacked in 2015.

Our most intimate data, when it is aggregated into data sets and mined for patterns, is also tech companies’ most valuable asset.

We want to discover and broadcast what makes us unique individuals when we share our likes and dislikes, our daily habits and activities, our tastes and interests, but the companies harvesting our data would rather turn us into types and profiles to be traded and learned from.

Data Production Labour offers you the chance to visualise your contribution to the Big Data economy just by scrolling through your social media feed.

Clip your Fitbit to a metronome, a drill, a bicycle wheel or a pendulum and generate valuable fitness data without lifting a finger.

How can we make ourselves useful and get paid for it in a job market where humans are rapidly being replaced by technology?

They also store the names of networks we’ve previously connected with, creating a detailed diary of our whereabouts.

Wesley Goatley’s The Listener turns each of these invisible digital conversations, including those from your own phone, into sounds played in the headphones.

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