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Phenomenal bargains can be found at the city's endless variety of markets.Most are an odd assortment of plastic toys, household goods and polyester clothes in Asian sizes mixed with knock-off designer watches and bags.Blessed with beautiful culture and arts, this riverside capital has traditional attractions that definitely can take you breath away. By participating together, family members are able to share personal experience, join tours as a group, and delight in reminiscing about the fun they had together. Bangkok is prone to trends, such as salsa clubs and brew pubs, which are short-lived firework displays that leave town without a trace.All bars and clubs are supposed to close at 1am or 2am (the latter closing time is for places with dance floors and live music), in most cases this is enforced by stone-faced policeman who usher out the dazed customers.For the more adventuresome it is possible to take a side trip into Cambodia.To the west of Bangkok is Kanchanaburi the site of the infamous .Bangkok is also has a rich history dating back over 200 years and contains many fantastic temples, monuments and other historical sites.

a little bit long trip but you will see the more view on the way and more interesting for your next destination but if you want a short trip by the Mini Van that is good value just for 2.30 hrs.

The main obstacle is the traffic, which moves at a snail's pace during much of the day.

This means advance planning is a must when you are attending scheduled events or arranging appointments.

The highly stylized ornamentation is a shrine to the much revered Emerald Buddha.

Such a sacred site is bestowed with a fittingly official name- The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) produces the usual selection of colorful brochures, but is also one of the best offices in Asia for putting out useful hard facts.

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It's depart every hours from the Victory Monument of Bangkok.

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