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I’m honoured to know so many talented photographers, and I hope I’ll be able to talk about that side of my Second Life a little more in blogs to come.

Ever have one of those mornings where you wake up and say, “Hey, I want to be a redhead! Well, I mean, unless you’re a redhead already, in which case the point is kind of moot. The mist was thick on the ground as I made my way through the book forest. I wonder if this is my new mindset: an open-ness to things, a receiving, an acceptance.

It seemed only right that I decorate my personal space with the photos I love the most, those of my peers.

Kody Meyers is a particular favourite: He and I were classmates at the Visionaire Institute, and his style and the elegance of his compositions never cease to amaze and please me.

Then, I rounded the oak tree to come closer to the Green, and I gasped at what I saw. I longed for a book, a good book, to appear, and I found myself holding a book by Neil Gaiman I didn’t know existed. Well, that ate up a few hours, as you might imagine.

I could feel the growing forest behind me: DI felt no need to turn and look, but of course I wanted to turn and look. I recalled how the raven tower had made me think of my bower in the Wylds, and I smiled as I thought of those gorgeous windows, open to the sky, behind me.

How many times do I have to tell you: I cannot be in ten places at once.

) Ears: Lumae, Leevi Long Ears Skin: 7 Deadly sins, Wednesday, snow (Full body skin and head applier, Available NOW at Skin Fair! body appliers, and they are amazing and easy to use, and so fast!“My relationship with Bran, and it’s none of your business anyway, is purely platonic and he’d probably drop dead of embarrassment if I ever tried to make it be anything more.” Great; she’s made me raise my voice. “That’s right, Your Majesty,” Clutie says, as if there’s nothing for her to worry about in the world.“Calm yourself down, and then let’s go talk about rugs for the living room.” I actually growl.Not to mention we’re having a heat wave of epic proportions here in London, which is bad for my energy levels as well.But stuff doesn’t stop just because I’m busy doing something else, so my pile of cool stuff I want to show you keeps growing.

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