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While the least desired trait will still get you points when matched, there’s a big difference in the amount of affection you will receive for other traits and the most desired trait.

So there is some strategy involved in trying to make the most of your moves.

The first part is getting to know the women: learning about them, buying them gifts, keeping them fed (wait, are these women or ponies?

), and generally responding to them in the way they want when they ask you more personal questions.

If you don’t like nudity, sex, or over-the-top caricature, this game is not for you.Correct answers earn you more Hunie points, which you can spend on leveling up your skills for dates. The dates are done via make-a-match puzzles, comprised of pieces called Tokens.Match three or more alike tokens and you earn Affection.As such, you have women spanning across ages and races (in some cases, species).Of the original eight girls, you have the following stereotypes: There are also four secret characters to unlock.

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Others tokens on the board are Joy (which earn you more moves), Passion (which acts as a multiply as you gain more levels), Sentiment (which gives you the ability to use gift items to turn the tides of war the date) and Broken Hearts (which give a massive drain in Affection when matched, so watch out for those! Winning a date rewards you with “munie” ($$$)–which makes me feel a little like a gigolo/escort when I think about it too much, but thankfully I don’t.

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