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“Under the terms of the current CMAs, which run until the end of 2020, the potential transfer, sale or extension of these rights requires CAMS’ approval, given it is a CAMS asset.

“As part of the proposal, we were asked to extend the current CMA for an additional three years under a proposal which CAMS deemed commercially inferior to the current agreement.

Australian GT confirmed today that the proposed arrangement for Supercars to take over the Category Management Agreement for next season is off after failing to secure crucial sign off from CAMS.

Rather, he wanted to argue against it being done in a manipulative manner, same as if, for instance, a dude faked crying on stream to get attention or subscribers or money.He added, however, that he thinks using physical features -- boobs, butt, whatever -- is still a little worse, especially if your audience is young. But people have distilled down their main points, both in words and actions.Many women streamers have added "boob" to their Twitter handles to show solidarity in not being ashamed of their physical features, nor of people who use them as they please.So long as different expectations are placed on women than on men in various gaming spaces, it will continue.Still, this whole thing was indicative of where many people are at with this topic right now, and that's important.

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Serves me right for not trusting my gut feeling!!!! Then a couple of days later the same person, sorry, bot, sent another message as though we'd never spoke before!

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  1. It didn’t matter to me that actual, lifelong outdoorsmen like my grandfather thought it was utter crap, or that all I ever saw on my Boy Scout camp-outs were rain clouds and partially raw hot dogs.