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Though one may find errors within their logic and unbiblical viewpoints throughout their writings, the vast majority of them are men of God filled with a passion for Him.They are not simply philosophical thinkers with astute formulations of God, but men who seek His face more intimately than the day they first encountered Him.In a most interesting chapter, Wilken graphs the growth of iconoclasm, the use of images of the Divine, throughout the centuries of the church.It began primarily with a solid biblical and reasonable premise: though at one time it was incorrect for man to make an image of the invisible God, God has now made himself visible in the image of a man, thereby giving allowance for Christians to display a physical image of Christ as a testimony to His incarnation. The author masterfully includes direct quotations from a broad scope of patristic fathers, covers the major themes woven in their literature, and archives the lives of the most prominent early Christians.Though written from the standpoint of a Roman Catholic, the author gives much needful light on an often forgotten era.The church must know its roots, and its roots are deep indeed.Question: Have you wondered who was the first musician recorded in the bible? Answer: Jubal, Harp and "Organ" (it was really the flute, which the King James translates as"organ")Jubal had a brother named Jabal, who was a country cowboy/camper, and an old-fashioned one (he used tents).

Many of them knew the apostles of Christ or were in a near proximity to Christ's followers. Yet, as Wilken drives home his theme, they were all men who knew above all else that, "the soul that loves God is at rest in God yet at the same time in restless movement toward God.To make a picture of Jesus Christ was not intrinsically sinful.To reject this, one must also reject the making of the with reverence and respect, because it is filled with divine grace and power." Before long, these images and other icons, such as pieces of wood symbolizing the cross of Christ or water from the Holy Land, became "receptacles of divine power." Finally, the argument stated that if the icon contained a woven connection to the image it bore and provided a means of sanctification to the believer.It is our spiritual forefathers who delineated the differences between Scripture and non-canonical writings.Though they do not have the pleasure of hindsight, they ought to be given the benefit of placing the founding stones on which we rest.

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