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The next thing i knew this other guy that threw me into the water came and sat on the rail close to us and he was rubbing his dick and looking at me.My husband kind of pushed me in his direction and when i got to the rails my husband whispered in my ear that i must blow him.I only knew the couple that had invited us over but i started mingling and making friends with the other couples and i was surprised to see how open and friendly they were.One of the guys suggested that they throw all the woman in the pool. This good looking guy caught me and he carried me to the pool and threw me in.This guy then took my hands and pulled me out of the water and he laid me on one of the deck chairs. There are more ideas lik u can have other maarid couple vist each other have a good time having sex at tge same room without swing and trust me everyone will be happy and safe Reply to Harry Those of you that lack knowledge about swing please refrain from comments on this page. Reply to Anonymous Not judging here, my friend, but what Frag said is true.

We are committed to providing a safe, secure and anonymous environment where genuine individuals and couples can meet like minded people.The guys then all decided to strip naked and jump in as well.They started splashing us with water and dumping us.They offer unlimited DRM-free downloads for premium members in multiple resolutions, and free video clips for guests and standard membersall updated daily! A few months ago my husband and i were invited to a pool party at a friends of his home.

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I want to join a multiracial swinging club is there anyone out there that knows one... Europeans are inherently barbaric and immoral just look back into history to see how they butchered nations and raped women. Reply to Da Blue Hi Delene, Personally, my wife and i are swingers too, however what you guys did was grossly irresponsible and careless. We have had extacy too on some swing occasions, and loads of alcohol too, however, and a HUGE however, we have never never done anything that would put our marriage and health at risk. Were more into the softer swinging, no swapping type.

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