Most intimidating people of all time

The Bob Gibson Treatment: Holstered a dozen or so pitches whose singular purpose was to intimidate batters crowding the plate.

Among them were “two different fastballs,” Gibson wrote in his autobiography, “a couple sliders, a curve, a change-up, a knockdown, a brush-back and hit-batsman.”The Rupert Murdoch Treatment: In 2003, threatened to cancel and sue his own network when an episode of the show included a Fox News ticker reading, “Do Democrats Cause Cancer?

The intimidating part of this is that these people aren't afraid to tell you that.

Excess solar, hydro, and wind energy is lost locally when production outstrips usage and capacity.

This lost potential can be tapped by Envion's MMUs as they were designed to utilize alternative energy over-production that can be purchased at lower prices and dedicated to cryptocurrency mining for drastically more efficient operations.

And once I see a chink in his honor—one of his eyes move just a little—then I know I have him.

Even when he gives me that piercing look again in the center of the ring, he already made that mistake—he looked down for one tenth of a second, which means he’ll fight hard for the first two or three rounds, but I know I already broke his spirit.

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