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Ive only had a few girls in my life, nothing serious before have never had sex before.This story takes place during the summer, my mom and my aunt decided to take me and my cousin Tom camping, he is my age too, were like best friends we do everything together.I go to an all-boys school, and I’m in tenth grade this year.I have a girlfriend at the moment, Jess, who I love being with.” Matt pointed to my cock, which was not looking huge at the moment, but it was still respectable.“He’s got so much skin on his head it’d take him a week to pull it back, but he’s hung like a fucking donkey.” I laughed. He went down slowly, but finally he had all seven inches in there. I could hear him gagging on my cock, but he didn’t pull away at all. I pulled Matt’s face away from my cock, and started jerking myself. I kept jerking until I finally felt my balls clench up, and before I knew what was happening, I felt thick ropes of cum surge out of my cock.You have to work your cock off to get it feeling any good.” “Says the bloke who doesn’t have any skin on his cock to feel anything with anyway! “Man, it’s cold tonight,” said Matt, over the sound of both our streams of piss hitting the rough ground.

“Anyway, man, it makes your cock look bigger if you’re cut.” “If that’s the case, then how do you explain Luke’s massive donger?It was freezing that day, so we were all standing around laughing at the size of each other’s dicks.One guy, Joe, was the only one who was cut; the rest of us were uncut.“Man, when you first get your cock in there, it’ll feel fucked,” Joe was saying. We both unzipped our jeans, pulled our cocks out and let loose. ” I jerked around and directed my piss stream towards Matt. “No matter how tight she is, you probably won’t even feel anything. “Fuck, that’s better,” I said, eyes closed, head to the sky.

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