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The average salaries for female performers vary massively, and Hay explains the disparity in pay in the industry by comparing it to what Zlatan Ibrahimovic makes to a below-conference league footballer.

“In our business there are some fairly standardised rates but what any one girl makes over the course of a year hugely depends on her, her characteristics and what agency she is with.

The rates could go up or down by 10 to 20 per cent depending on who the performer is, their agent and other factors.

“Most of the tube sites have stolen content on them which they make available for people to view for free.

Most people that want to watch adult content are aware they can watch it for free and do so.

The fact that an adult actress could be paid more to do her first scene with a black performer is something that stands out and seems remarkably offensive to someone not in the business. A girl might say 'I’m not comfortable to do that' and later in her career may say she is.

When pressed about this, Hay insisted there is "no race element" to the higher pay being offered. Later along the way a company may offer her money to incentivise her to do it …

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