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The New Jersey Division of Civil Rights ruling declared that Ladies' Night violated state discrimination law.But the Garden State didn't take the ruling without a fight.Craigslist protects itself and so should the cyber surfer. He looks cute, seems nice, and I agree to meet him for a drink. What if “Alphamale106” isn't really a strapping 35-year-old shipping millionaire with the biceps of a bodybuilder?The list serve is not responsible for personal indiscretions and poor judgment. Or that fantasy woman who calls herself “athletic” actually means she's been to the gym once this year?Another ad explicitly details how she'll perform her “hot new tricks,” again to the tune of 0. They were snared in a Craigslist sting operation conducted by the Nassau County police. In Cook County, Illinois, the sheriff arrested 60 women advertising on the site, compared with a mere 43 that did it the old fashioned way - “earning” their living while working the streets.These propositions sound suspiciously like prostitution. The County made approximately 70 arrests over the past year, focusing on this site. In Seattle, 71 men were arrested after police placed a decoy ad and many took the bait.

So fear not party lovers of both genders, hopefully the Manhattan Federal court will realize that bars rivaling a Star Trek convention aren't fun for anyone and will leave ladies' and their nights alone!

However, as “ridiculous” as this case may seem, Mr.

Sensitive isn't the first to bring this kind of lawsuit.

The legal eagle decided to fight this time-honored tradition after he visited each of these venues on “Ladies' Night” and wasn't extended the same reduced fee or shorter waiting period as the females. Hollander claims that nightclub owners who institute Ladies' Night are state actors merely because they're regulated and licensed by the government.

In other words, he felt these clubs were violating his constitutional guarantees and felt discriminated against because he was a dude hoping to gain easier entrance. The Supreme Court specifically rejected this theory in the Civil Rights Cases of 1883, which held that the 14th Amendment did not give Congress the power to regulate common carriers, “places of public accommodation” despite the fact that most businesses were often required to have government licenses. In Mc Sorley's, the court ruled that state action existed when the Ale House refused to serve two women.

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