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Got her to go into sea with me she was enjoying it and when we got out saw it was semi transparent decided to walk up and down beach where the locals just looked she was embarrassed i think due to her thinking she was over weight ,told her because she got a great body didn't tell her that they could see her tits and cunt.

There was another 2 guys with them so she and 5 guys went along the beach where I followed above till they came to a small out crop of rocks and went behind so hidden from where they came from.

I told her I was tired and was going back to the room ,she said she come but could see she was enjoying herself so I asked that the guys bring her back and they agreed , I gave her a kiss and then went but only into the trees where I got my camcorder out and filmed her.

During the night I saw her enjoying herself the guys were dancing ,groping her and kissing her and she kissed backed.

The guy was rubbing his body against her then holding her rubbing his hands over her body especially her bum and then side of her tits.

As she came back to sit with me another guy took her onto the floor and danced very close to her again his hands were every where and my wife did not stop him but was enjoying it.

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