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I think it's not so much a cultural thing so much as it's a male thing. During the week or when he's working on a project it's like I don't exist but on the weekends or as soon as one project is over all his attention is on me.He'll call me three times in a row to hear my voice or to tell me he misses me.I'll be seeing him tomorrow so I plan to talk everything over with him but any outside observances about the mind of the Ukrainian man would be helpful.Personally I think 1) He just has to grow up from under his mother skirt (ukranian saying) 2) You don't want to marry a geek.or you can use our search engine on artists names or songs titles.

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When I point it out to him he swears he's working and doesn't like calling because he has nothing to tell me.

He says he has nothing to say because his life is boring and he doesn't want me to leave when I eventually find out that he's boring, too.

You Ukie guy wouldn't be dating a non-ukie girl if he was a momma's boy.

Tell your friend to keep her nose out of your business. We're not talking about getting married to each other, just in general.

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  1. But I am not talking about outlines or brief boilerplate messages. I am talking about excruciatingly detailed compliments. Just came across your post and really its seems to be very honest and clear i would surely like to know u better Well I am looking for a nice to be friends with and then take it from there and i really wanna take care of her I am pretty well off and well educated..i guess I know how to treat a woman . ” Perhaps not surprisingly, this message came from someone with whom I shared a higher enemy percentage than match percentage. He was like our Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, but the opposite. “I’m just being real here, I know this is completely random and I know you have entirely no clue who I am, but I was looking through profiles and saw yours and I was blown away. Mean while showing my humorous side in our delightful conversation on things we’ve done and hope to accomplish in our futures.