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To update multiple records, it's easier to use a SQL statement.

update departments set manager_id = 108 where department_id in (120, 130, 140); Commit; 200; Note: You can use F9 to execute the last statement, or F5 to execute all in the SQL Worksheet.

Notice that once you have updated the record, an asterisk (*) shows next to the record.

The following image depicts the page flow for this scenario: Perform the following steps to add delete functionality to the browse page: The refresh operations for these scenarios are performed by using a JSF managed bean to execute a refresh, and by using the !Written by Lynn Munsinger, Oracle Corporation February 2006 This document explains how to refresh a table of data on a "browse" page after inserting a new row or deleting a row, when using a session bean data control.The image below depicts a browse page containing a table of departments, where buttons for inserting or deleting rows are available: The user can select a row and click the Delete button.The Ask TOM team is taking a break over the holiday season.Thanks for being a member of the Ask TOM community. This year we've answered over 2800 of your questions and followed up on 3500 reviews. Hi, I want to insert a values into a table as follows: create table test (name varchar2(35)); insert into test values ('&Vivek'); I tried the escape character '\' but the system asks for a value of the substitution variable.

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