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I've weaned myself off,& am on the strict regimen for my condition. Anyone that writes anything positive about this med is beyond me.

I craved sweets like a maniac on doxepin, whereas they nauseated me before. I developed esophogitis,which have the same symptoms as throat cancer. My Dr (Sloan) was extremely careless in prescribing this med and it actually made my depression 10 times worse.

Antidepressants can cause depression, if that isn't proof they don't work... BTW, this med was made in 1962 in Germany and that isn't too long after Hitler and I would eat my shorts if his Dr's weren't behind this monstrosity.

I read the clinical observations of this med and they claimed it had excellent antidepressant effects.

I am finally sleeping like a baby and feel like a new person!! Xanax has helped me for more than twenty plus years but just because idiots are over dosing or what they want to refer to as getting high. This is a very expensive drug and some manufacturers and suppliers are shying away from this drug. I struggled with weight all thru my 20s, worked liked hell to lose it around 30 & for the past 6 years could eat whatever I liked and as much as I liked and never gain an ounce, now I'm almost in that same size clothes as my 20s. Now I can rule out throat cancer, carpal tunnel, and diabetes since I've read others common side effects.

Xanax does not get me high and if I didn't take them I could be at big risk of ceasures and I would not get any rest at night, I would be anxious hyper and have even had black outs in a hospital and they had no idea what was wrong. we're feeling these symptoms, they would not have any troubles bumping up a doctor to write them there medicine and I don't care who you are. Us doxepin users may have to stick together to get the results we need. Doctor prescribed 50mg tabs and said take as many or as little as it takes to get sleep. It's like a light bulb has come on and everything makes sense now about my ailing body for the past few weeks.

Today , even when I miss a dose , there is no anxiety. The junk that use to worry me , has been dealt with. No pill can take the place of learning to overcome ones own attitudes, and fears ,doubts and short comings. If a person can be driven to insanity, they can also learn to walk back to true sanity. I notice it does give me an appetite and I did put on some weight, but the first year I was taking it, I was dieting and working out a lot so I lost weight. I am looking at ways to taper this drug because I don't feel I need it anymore.

In low doses (10mg and under, but usually 3-6mg), it is a very potent anti-histamine and is VERY safe to use long term. I am stopping this medicine today and after reading some of the comments here, I am not sure yet if it's been the cause of my nausea. The only reason I was ever put on it in the first place was because I changed doctors and they changed up my medicine on me immediately due to my need for xanax. Also, I fear that us long term users may have issues of getting hold of the drug, basically because of the cost. My BF of MANY MANY years said I was a disgusting fat ass and moved out! Someone said today "my stomach looks huge" Also developed *migraines *redness all over (like niacin) *tingling hands (have consult for carpal tunnel, but after reading now I see I can cancel the appt) *restless arms & legs at night like creepy crawly skin, *constipation *sore throat for a month now *dry mouth *extreme thirst! This may be good for people who NEED to gain but if someone is of a healthy weight- weight conscious, I wouldn't recommend I'd rather lose sleep than gain weight! I'll deal with whatever before I gain another ounce!

My gi doc immediately did an endoscopy,& biopsy,lucky it was esophogitis. Does anyone have long term knowledge on if the weight goes away permanently after stopping doxepin? After taking this med for two days I told my fiance that I wanted to stop it, being as understanding as she was, she demanded I keep taking it.

The bad part is that where my pouch, fake stomach is suture to my jejunum, it's stretched & inflammed, which compromised the ability to stay properly connected. Two weeks later I was rushed to the hospital with severe injuries to my body because my Dr's bad advice mixing this med with other medications etc.

36605Very fidgety shakes Extremely dry Mouth Extremely tired the next day after taking could hardly walk definitely could not drive very bad shakes very anxious!!

I am still very sick from my Dr combining this with other things I was taking and this is NOT a safe drug for long term use...unless one thinks dementia is okay.

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This drug has been found to cause dementia which can be very serious.

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