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I'm not sure which scares me more: the fear that others will find out my secret, or that my husband will find out I told the truth about our marriage. And then one day, I wake up and realize the house is flooding. I can't just up and leave like well-meaning friends tell me to. I thought I was so careful that no bank records would come to the house. The effects of psychological abuse are just as damaging.I entered counseling and was diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and PTSD.Emotional abuse in a relationship takes time to build.It's slow and methodical and incessant, much like a dripping kitchen faucet. I occasionally notice the drip but it's no big deal.They were often being very graphic, and needless to say it was a bit awkward and embarrassing at times. As I said in my previous article Top 8 Body Parts Men Like About Women, before you rush off to the gym guy’s, read this article first.There are some body parts women admire that don’t need exercising! Although you may have to learn how to read eye language. It deserves it because I have also been told I have a nice smile….that’s another good one for me.

There was no punch on the very first date with my ex-husband. In fact, my first date was probably pretty similar to yours: he was charming, he paid attention to me, and he flattered me.

I never ask him to watch the kids so I can do something in the evening. We never spend more than one session with a counselor. My church mentors tell me to read books and listen to lectures on praying for my husband and understanding his needs. The evening at the dinner table when he stands up and throws a fork at me in front of the kids, I want to leave. But even in his stumbling drunken stupor, he's stronger than I am. He has biologically been given the ability to kill.

I'm working so hard to be the perfect wife and have the perfect family that I don't take the time to notice there's water spilling on to the floor. I’ll get really active outside the home but of course, I'll still take care of everything in the home and never burden him. I work very hard to present the front of a perfectly happy family. He's right — I have no skills to survive on my own. I chose this man and I gave birth to these children. With every breath I take, it's my duty to keep these kids safe and keep my life together. At this point, I don't know how to do anything else. That look in his eye terrifies me."Go ahead and leave," he sneers to me. Dear God, please don't let me go under a third time.

My kids are involved in multiple activities that I, of course, solely organize and am responsible for. I need his money."What, you want to leave and go whore around? "I always knew you were a slut."He's a master at deflection. "But the kids stay here."My retreat that night is all it takes to turn the faucet on all the way and force me to tread water, if not for my life, then at the very least for my sanity. He hated when I accused him of spying on me, so I just let him snoop. I assume he drank it or gambled it or used it to impress another woman. My family is beyond rescue, but please save me and save my kids...... I'm no longer in the marriage, yet my scars run deep.

I've begun to drop subtle hints to the other moms but when they confront me I adamantly deny it. I point to all the happy family photos I post to Facebook as evidence. His actions are no longer the focus; I'm the one on trial now. Despite my best attempts, my secret has been exposed. In fact, he found my secret stash I'd been working on for almost a year. He made me feel so guilty and ashamed when I handed over my secret savings to him. Abuse doesn't always manifest as a black eye or a bloody wound.

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