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Also this author has made him so careless that he doesn't even care he is being separated by Rias as well as making the Maous look like utter wimps, especially considering the fact that the treaty with the other two factions is dependent on him. Your Result: Fūton (( Wind ))What element lies within you?

Your Result: Wind You are fast about your movements and wont give the opponent a chance to attack back. you at peace with yourself and others and dont care what others think about you.

She will never love anyone but naruto in that way you are sick if you think she would be with anyone else.

GINNY W-ANYBODY (EXCEPT HARRY)ALL YAOI IT IS DISGUSTINGMost Hated Characters For Naruto Sasuke- The bastard is arrogant, believes he is unbeatable because he is an Uchiha and has MT.

Everest shoved up his ass and that he deserves everything the fucker will never be hokage nor accepted back. Obito- psycotic freak Orochimaru- nough said Kabuto-nough said Sarutobi- pathetic wimp Madara- murderous insane asshole A- pedofile bastard Somewhat Jiraya A good person yet absolutely pathetic as a teacher.

Naruto left for three years and the result is slightly better taijutsu, break genjutsu, bigger rasengan, better timing with shadow clones and that's it.

Cannon Naruto I hate cannon naruto for the reasons that he is pathetic, stupid who only recently gained some balls and maned up saying he'll kill sasuke but then he lost points for saying he'll die with sasuke.

He always believed that harry was arrogant and full of himself.Seriously there is to much of it and people complain about naru/hina being frequent.If you also support such an option for whatever reason, please place it somewhere on your profile and e-mail the people who run this site until they implement it. I like fanfiction really I do, but I hate wasting my time on fics that ultimately ruined enjoy freedom above all, your power consist of using the wind to push and pull your can also create a tornado and increase the speed of it to rip you enemie to sherds.

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