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But David Deangelo never says, "Just use cocky and funny lines".

Deangelo does say to use it as a spice and sprinkle it occasionally throughout conversations.

If you haven't already read Double Your Dating, you can download it and be reading it in minutes via this link, otherwise post your feelings about the ebook below.

They don't understand social dynamics on an "unconscious" level.David Deangelo teaches you to let go of negative past experiences and re-frame your beliefs so you have a positive outlook for the future. Women aren't attracted to men with low self-esteem.I have noticed that even SUCCESSFUL males aren't always good with women.The most intelligent women that I have encountered are usually the ones that are MOST attracted to it. You can read users comments on how Double Your Dating has helped them as well.It is designed to help you become an alpha-male that can attract women to your personality. I've now become a man that has power and choice when it comes to dating and women.

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  1. Ray Tylor It is a pleasure for me to be on your site. To be honest, I didn’t know that women in Ukraine are so attractive; all my ex-girlfriends can’t be compared with them in beauty and charm.