Outlook name cache file not updating

Net 4.0 from a forked project here, thanks to Salvatore Isaja for the awesome work!

After installing the plugin, a new ribbon called ‘Caldav Synchronizer’ is added in Outlook with 6 menu items.

Select Options/Calendar and there free/busy information and use a free/busy url of your server with placeholder like %Name%, e.g.

Then every attendee in the outlook planning view gets resolved with that url for a free/busy lookup against your server.

With the checkbox below you can alternatively negate the filter and sync all appointments/tasks except this category.

For calendars it is also possible to choose the color of the category or to fetch the calendar color from the server and map it to the nearest supported Outlook category color with the button you can define the shortcut key of the selected category for easier access when creating appointments.

Also the install option to install for Everyone instead of the current user is working now for Outlook 2010 and higher, if you want to install the addin for all users on the current machine.

When it's available in your account, Outlook will pop up a dialog alerting you to the new feature and asking if you want to use it. As announced earlier this week (right after I encouraged a couple of clients to consider using it), Microsoft closed the Premium service to new subscribers.

We are often asked: "Can I create an "out of office" message if I'm not on a Microsoft Exchange server?

" Yes, you can do it using a rule that replies using a specific template, but it's often better to set up a "vacation reply" on your email server.

The category name must not contain any commas or semicolons!

With the checkbox also all appointments/tasks without a category are synced to the server.

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Beginning with version 2.15.0 advanced configuration settings are hidden by default and you can enable them by clicking on When adding a new profile you can choose between a generic Cal DAV/Card DAV, a google profile to simplify the google profile creation and predefined Cal DAV/Card DAV profiles for SOGo, Fruux, Posteo, Yandex, GMX, Sarenet and Landmarks, Cozy Cloud, Nextcloud, mailbox.org, Easy Project, and Smarter Mail where the DAV Url for autodiscovery is already entered.

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