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Kichimi another girl can use many types of weapons, her favorite being a giant boomerang that her mother gave her from her grandparent's dojo.

And last, but not least, Simoko is able to tell peoples fortunes like his father did.

Sango being the frady cat that she is, didn't tell her parents until the day before her wedding.

Kagome and Sango decided to have the two wedding one the same day, at the same time, for moral support and because it would allow them to celebrate with everyone they loved at the same time saving them the trip.

"Kagome nodded and pulled the beret from her hair."Yeah I cant wait to get this dress off it itches."Me either Kagome, me either.----------------------------------------- SANGO & MIROKU--------------------------------------Miroku and Sango ran to there car already kissing, Miroku smirked as he put the keys in the ignition and started to drive.

Kisi a boy, is able to woo girls just like his father, allow a lot of the time he comes home with a red mark on his face after school.What happens when their friends set them up on a dating service.I don't own Inuyasha Kouga and Kagome got married after high school.Kagome wore a perfect white, strapless, wedding gown that fit her curves wondrously.Sango on the other hand, wore a more traditional poofy, long wedding dress that matched her Vail.

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Most of the time its faint, but he can see the future that may or may not happen, shat he sees relies on what that person does.

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