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Bronk has also interrupted other major media events.In 2011, when then-Congressman Anthony Weiner announced his resignation amid a sex scandal, he jumped forward and started asking the mayoral candidate lewd questions. She said she has Rick Yorn, Leonardo Di Caprio and some others. Howard said he usually looks better than he does today. Howard asked if they told him not to do a game show. He said a game show 10-15 years ago it was like no way. He said they had people just dropping in and not playing the game show. Jamie said he doesn't do what you think he's going to do. Jamie said he met Kanye because he was known for throwing parties. He said that women say they can't take him seriously. Jamie said Puff shows up and he sees all of these people there. He said that he worked in his studio and his daughter asked who that guy was. Howard asked Jamie about Ed staying at the house and if he had a key. He said he remembers the Oscars and how he won for Ray. He said he was told he couldn't be in certain things. Howard said if they don't let you do what you want then it's not going to work. Jamie said what was fun about it was that it turned into a Tonight Show type of show. He said the governor came to the town that day too. He said he's not usually a rap guy so he's not into Kanye usually. Howard said Ed Sheeran was just starting out and sometimes people get on the bandwagon late. Jamie said he sings and people don't know he can do that. He said he saw him perform and he thought he was good. He said he did a song and Chris heard it and went and did the song. He said Snoop listens to all kinds of music so it's not that hard. Howard said Jamie was on the football team and a tennis team. Jamie said his teeth didn't look like this back then. He said there are comedians who start looking good and start hiding behind the gates and shades. He said that they liked that he said he was from that town. Jamie told Howard about how he told Kanye that he's seen people fail at these parties. Howard said he doesn't want people living in his house. He said they have a party and Chris Brown is letting people hear his music there.

They played a ''My Name Is Who's High Pitch'' song parody and then One Republic's ''Counting Stars'' as they were coming back. Howard said he heard a rumor about the movie Any Given Sunday and how P. He said that they were playing and he was trying to play right but he hit the wrong note. He said that Ray told him the notes were right under him and just hit the right note. Howard asked if it drove him nuts when parents would bother him. Howard asked if it upsets him that the kids don't know their uncle.

He said he did a comedy show and he had a joke about Oprah Winfrey and they told him he couldn't say that. Jamie told some jokes about that and he gets a standing ovation. He said that he didn't want to be ''the Oscar dude.'' He said his team was fantastic but they had come to a crossroads. He said the next day they all came to the Terrell day. Jamie said after they did Terrell day he said they wanted to see more of that. Howard said he loves the song he did with Kanye West. Jamie said that Ed Sheeran sought him out after hearing those stories and he came to his house. He said one guy said he did a song and Chris might like it.

He said he said at Madison Square Garden that he was laying in bed with Oprah and he leaned over to Gayle to say ''This shit is crazy.'' He said if he was with Oprah she'd have a new episode of her new favorite things and he did a joke about what those things would be. Howard said it sounds like he's having fun with it. Howard said he remembers when he was on In Living Color and he was scrawny and skinny. Jamie said Joe Piscopo was doing it and it wasn't in. He said they were younger guys too so they paid for his food that night. Jamie said that there was a guy there with a green jacket on and it was Jay Z but no one knew who he was at the tie. He said that he had all of these great people there. He said he had another party and this kid with a backpack walks in. He said he did a little prelude to their song and then Kanye comes out and they do their thing and they got a record deal that night. He said he didn't want people to know it was his new album. Jamie said that he asked if anyone had anything to perform or sing.

Benjy Bronk was born Benjamin Ron Bronk on September 4, 1967.

They stayed boyfriend-girlfriend for several years and eventually broke up in 2015.

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