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Modern theologians believe that the "Judges" did not rule over all of Israel in a regular sequence.Instead, each Judge controlled separate tribe(s), so that their interval of rule overlapped.Bishop Ussher estimated that it began in 1451 BCE; that is unlikely because Egyptian power was at its peak at that time and completely dominated Canaan.In reality, if it did happen, it probably occurred in about 1237 BCE under Pharaoh Rameses II, a time when Egypt was in a steady decline.Scientists further believe that the earth's crust solidified about 3.9 billion years ago.Parts of the universe itself are much older, dating back to the big bang, some 13.7 billion years ago.The difference is factor of about half a million times.As author Henry Morris wrote: "..Biblical chronology is about a million times shorter than the evolutionary chronology.

Evolution demands long periods of time, but if the earth is much younger, as the Bible teaches, then evolution is even more foolish." Gallup released a survey in 2012-JUN showing that 46% of American adults believe that God created humans in their present form less than 10 millennia ago.Since then, estimates have been refined; almost all have grouped around 14 billion years.Currently, there is a near consensus among earth scientists that the age of "Earth and [the rest of] our solar system is 4.54 billion years, plus or minus 0.02 billions years." Both values are in conflict with interpretations of the biblical accounts of creation by "young earth" creationists.A modern estimate for the duration of time covered by the Book of Judges is perhaps 180 years.century BCE which was a time when Egypt's influence over the area was at a low ebb.

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