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Some sellers extend their handling time if they are going on vacation or have a family emergency or life interruption.Sellers may increase handling time so they don't miss sales, rather than put their store on vacation mode.Amazon We update your orders to your Amazon store in 20 minute intervals.If we send too many requests to sync with Amazon in a short period, it will cause Amazon to disconnect your store momentarily from Shipping Easy.Buyers sometimes send their payments in cash though the mail and sellers shipped items any way they felt like it.Sometimes packages had a bunch of postage stamps on them and tracking wasn't used at all.

Today the system is much more evolved, efficient, and tracking is accessible through the buyer's e Bay account.

I was unable to find your account specifically, but I have included some information below regarding updating your orders as shipped to e Bay and Amazon.

Order updates to store We have a general guide on why your orders are not able to update as shipped on your store that I suggest you review.

You will want to check your Shipment History for order update exceptions- this means we were unable to update these as shipped due to an error.

You can retry these to see if you can get the update to go through, otherwise you will have to update these manually on your stores.

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