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It was definitely a lot of information to learn and comprehend, but Adjusterpro did an outstanding job and laying out the material to allow one to learn and be successful. It allows you to take the course on your own time schedule. The course was on the money, very informative and gave you the information/training to past the course. I learned a lot during the course and I am glad I completed it successfully. Did not require to practice though, since I was able to easily pass the first time.The modules were very explanatory and easy to understand. It helped point outweak areas that needed to be revisited. This couse was very convenient for my personal lifestyle.The good thing about it is that there are some real world example that seemed to be designed to get students thinking the way an adjuster should.

In the course work that was given there was plenty of information,and enough information to not allow any questions remaining. They would have been some images , pictures and scenarios Like a car crash and the adjuster needs to work on the damaged car and the case. I've leared a lot, Adjuster Pro has helped me with everything I needed to complete my adjusting journey in getting my license to be fully ready in the field.

However, I did learn what was needed to pass my test.

Well, thereare fairly significant good and bad points about your course.

I would say the difference is that shereceived real world knowledge, while I received book knowledge. Plus, it nixes the requirement to take the state exam.

The course is undoubtedly good an There's a tremendous amount of material covered and it's presented in a logical order.

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One voice came across very low and quiet in comparison to others. Although, it would have been a great course if : 1. Not enough of insurance contracts examples Theexperience taking this Total Adjuster Course has been a very intense and wonderful one for me.

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