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Instead, a less sophisticated method that would deceive TL testing is to reuse original broken and unmarketable pieces.Forgers commonly use the bottom of an original broken vessel, which has no commercial value, and make a new fake vessel on top of it.Create fake pottery that will pass the thermoluminescence test One way to pass a fake through a TL test is to expose the newly-made pottery to a high dose of artificial radiation sources, thus fooling the measurement instruments.However, producing fakes with this method calls for expertise on the subject, as well as expensive instruments.Samples should be placed in a polyethylene bag and sealed with electrical tape.To test the date we need to measure the sample’s thermoluminescence light which is then correlated to the accumulated dose of ionizing radiation.Indeed, the figure shows an automatic instrumentation which allows measurement of thermoluminescence light from samples and also the determination of the dose rate per year.This last procedure involves the use of a radioactive source, though very weak.

TL is based on the fact that almost all natural minerals are thermoluminescent.This usually occurs when the items are heated to 350 degrees Celsius.Therefore, in archaeology, thermoluminescence dating works best for ceramics, cooking hearths, incidentally fire-cracked rocks, and deliberately fire-treated rocks, such as flint or chert.When the sample is heated in the lab, it releases thermoluminescence light.The intensity of the thermoluminescence light is proportional to the time that has passed from the last clock resetting event, which for ceramics correspond to when it was baked.

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