Dating and mental health

Anger became the third most common issue, while a number of disorders, including substance abuse, addiction to sex/porn, other addictive behaviors, ADHD, and eating disorders comprised around five to six percent.Unsurprising, a lot of people feel uncomfortable talking about their mental health with their significant other.Although mental disorders do not define people, they often influence the way they relate to other people, especially in relationships.

Once we're in a committed relationship, communication problems, trust issues, and conflict can arise, but those with a mental illness have an added complication and may need to approach dating differently.Respondents were asked to report how likely they were to feel about potential insecurities.For example, over 750 men and women reported feeling like they weren’t good enough for their partner – with more men than women feeling unworthy.Some mental health disorders can greatly exacerbate insecurities.Relationship obsessive-compulsive disorder (ROCD), a form of OCD, can lead to unwanted thoughts and feelings that prompt certain types of behavior.

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