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And finally, if your advice is "yes" to get back together, what is the best way to actually go about this, given that there are hurt feelings about the break-up? Becky Dear Becky, We appreciate your writing to us with this question.We're often asked if it's wise for two people who used to date to get back together, but we are rarely asked about the wisdom of rekindling a relationship after a broken engagement.The next layer contains other vital elements: physical attraction, acceptance of each other's imperfections, affection, mutual admiration, emotional intimacy, and mutual respect. You're having some difficulty accepting those aspects of his personality that you describe as annoying or frustrating.The truth is that just about every married person can find things about their spouse that annoy or frustrate them.I decided to break up because: Do you know of couples who have gotten back together after a broken engagement?Was that "reunion" ultimately successful in the long term?However, couples who get back together before working through the impasse will only find themselves confronting the issue at a later point, and have a high probability of suffering another heart-wrenching break-up.

Someone who realizes she ended a courtship because she focused on the wrong priorities, or because she listened to advice she now realizes was incorrect, has gone through an internal decision-making process.She now needs to apologize for the hurt she caused, explain that she made a mistake in judgment, describe the reasons why she would like to start dating again, and ask if he's willing to do so.It becomes much more complicated when the couple has broken up because they disagree on a fundamental issue, such as the kind of lifestyle they want to live, their level of religious commitment, or whether they want to have children.Dear Rosie & Sherry, I am seeking some advice on a topic I have not heard or read much about: getting back together with someone after a broken engagement.I recently broke off an engagement and am having serious doubts as to whether I made the right decision.

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Moving Forward Let's look at the reasons why you broke up with your fiancé. You say that you felt pressured to become engaged in the first place.

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