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With the exception of Lodge Manufacturing, most American manufacturers of cast iron from this era such as Atlanta Stove Works, have been acquired by other corporations and no longer produce cast-iron cookware in the United States; however, cast-iron pots and pans from the early 20th century continue to see daily use among many households in the present day.

Birmingham Stove & Range filed for bankruptcy in 1989, and their holdings were acquired by Lodge Manufacturing.In 1887 the Favorite Stove & Range Company moved to Piqua, Ohio from Cincinnati, Ohio. The company focused primarily on the manufacture of stoves and stove parts throughout its history, though it also produced several lines of mid-priced cast-iron pans from the 1910s through the 1930s.The death of owner Stanhope Boal in 1933 and the devastation of the Great Depression led to the company's liquidation in 1935.Vollrath produced a Polio-Pak during the polio epidemic.It was among the first manufacturing companies in America to integrate computer technology.

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Wagner was acquired by the Randall Corporation in 1952, five years before the same company also purchased Griswold.

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