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The recipes and photographs and opinions are my own.

The City Clerk is the keeper of the City Seal and the custodian of all official records of the City of Moundsville, maintaining files that include ordinances, resolutions, bonds, contracts, agreements and affidavits.

As such the Clerk is responsible for keeping and maintaining a docket containing the record of each case brought before the municipal court and disposition thereof.

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3) Lastly I layered on the ham, topped it with the first waffle, closed the waffler maker again (it doesn’t close all the way at this point since the waffles are double-thick) and cooked the waffles again just until the cheese melted.The Clerk also processes all licenses allowed by ordinance pertaining to business.The City Clerk is also responsible for the administration of local elections.Then, I removed the waffles, cut them apart (since our waffle maker makes a round of heart waffles) and served them hot.The resulting waffle sandwiches were crispy on the outside with lots of melted cheesy deliciousness on the inside.

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I’ve noticed a waffle trend around the web recently and I am enthusiastically jumping on board.

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