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Mr Highland said Tally then contacted the Bundaberg Police Station to ask how to go about seeking permission."My client prior to this matter has complied in every respect in relation to his obligations under the act," he said. so it's not simply a name he's picked out of the air." Mr Highland said his client planned to move interstate because he had been offered a job as the assistant manager of a bowling alley.The victim used all her wavering strength to fight off her attacker before being raped.

The court heard Tally was subject to a suspended sentence at the time of the offence.

"He said he was looking at moving to New South Wales to start a new job and he wanted to start under a new name.

"The offence itself is quite a significant breach." Lawyer Warren Highland said his client was not aware he had to ask the Commissioner's permission to change his name and only found out when the registry told him.

Phillip Taupin, 33, pleaded guilty today to nine charges of indecent assault, making threats to inflict serious injury, rape, recklessly causing serious injury and common law assault.

The County Court heard he would circle many of his victims - some as young as 15 - on his dirt bike on bike paths, preying on them before attacking the females.

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Magistrate Jennifer Batts adjourned the sentence to August 13 so she could take into consideration the transcript from Tally's original sentence that landed him on the reportable offender list.

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