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But the early results are showing that people—predominantly women are using Bizz in an even more engaging way.

There are more matches per user, more swipes right for per user.

This was a ripe and opportune moment to take the user base that we already have and introduce another vertical into the equation.

And Linked In for me, while it is a great platform, it doesn’t give me the same immediate response.That is what this is all about—balancing the gender imbalance in so many areas of society.We’ve been so fortunate in having so many amazing women support, and I think a big reason for this is it is a problem that we are trying to solve that so many women can get on board with.Amassing a user base is a lot harder than one might think.It is actually spooky in the sense that we are seeing the same thing happen now to networking that we are to dating.

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